North Central Section of the AUA, Inc. North Central Section of the AUA, Inc.

NCS Committees

Local Arrangements Committee

The President-Elect shall appoint the Chair of the Local Arrangements Committee for the meeting at which the President-Elect will preside within sixty (60) days after his election as President-Elect. The Chair shall be from the State within the Section which is the host for such meeting. The Chair shall have the power to appoint all Local Chairs and Committee Members. The Treasurer of the Section shall serve as the Treasurer for the meeting and shall be responsible for all of the finances of the meeting. All expenditures must be authorized in advance by the Treasurer or the Chair in accordance with the budget for the Annual Meeting. The Committee shall prepare a budget for the Annual Meeting and present it to the Board of Directors for its approval. The Committee shall make all necessary arrangements for the Annual Meeting after consultation with the President and the Secretary and report such arrangements to the Board of Directors. The Committee shall prepare a program description for the Annual Meeting Program.

Additional members of the Committee shall be the Secretary and the immediate past Chairmen of the Local Arrangements Committee.