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International Resident Travel Scholar Grant

The NCS has established an International Travel Scholar Grant for residents in member Urology Programs. The purpose of the grant is to provide funding for residents that are in good standing in their programs, to travel with a Urology Preceptor, to an international location, with an organization that does mission trips. Each trainee will be awarded a maximum of one grant during his/her entire training period.

The NCS will support up to two (2) residents, at up to $4,000 each, to participate in an approved international volunteerism program of their choosing. The following outlines the procedure for this process:

Application Period: October 1 – December 31, 2022

Once the application deadline has passed, all applications will be circulated to the NCS International Volunteerism Review Committee for review and selections. The funding period will run from January 1 – December 31, 2023.

Requirements for Consideration:

  1. The length of the experience should be 1-2 weeks.
  2. Approved international programs through which the resident can participate include but aren’t limited to IVUmed. Approval of programs will be on a case-by-case basis and dependent upon the applicant providing evidence of an adequate training/mentoring experience
  3. Trainees traveling under the mentorship of other NCS members will be given priority
  4. Residents will need to identify the mentor and organization that will be part of the mission trip. Participating programs and mentors will need to provide documentation in writing, the purpose of the mission and the patient populations that will be treated/or local institution that they will be participating with to provide the care and surgical management follow-up.
  5. The NCS International Volunteerism Committee will review the proposals and only those approved by this committee will be eligible to receive funds.
  6. Funded residents will be asked to complete a 1-page report that will be submitted to the NCS International Volunteerism Committee within 4 weeks of return. Funded residents may be required to give a brief account at the subsequent North Central Section meeting.

Required Documentation Due December 31, 2022:

The following documents must be submitted to NCS Executive Director Heather Swanson at by December 31 in order to be considered:

  1. Completed NCS International Resident Travel Scholar Grant Application
  2. Written permission from the Program Director of the applicant’s institution, to travel to the international location.

Grant Application

Utilization of funds:

Provided funds are to be used only by the resident that have been approved for the grant. Funds may NOT be used to underwrite travel for any other individual (including mentors or other members of the mission, or for the staff at the international institution that may be participating in the mission). Funds cannot be used for salary of the awarded trainee. Funds will be distributed upon receipt of expense report unless otherwise required.

Disclaimer: Proof of insurance coverage will be needed. The NCS will NOT accept responsibility for the safety or educational experience that the resident will obtain during the international travel.