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Visiting Professor of the Month

Scott E. Eggener, MD
University of Chicago Medical Center Associate Professor of Surgery; Co-Director, Prostate Cancer Program; Director, Translational and Outcomes Research, Section of Urology
It seems as though prostate cancer “euphoria” is in a lull. Can you tell us what is new and exciting in the diagnosis and treatment of CaP in the next 3-5 years.
Can we ever improve the incredible success rates and overall curability of testis cancer? What is new or on the horizon for this disease?
How would you respond to the statement: Too many kidneys are being removed because not enough urologists can do good partial nephrectomies; they are too intent on MIS procedures and remove the entire kidney”?
How do you train open surgery to your residents and fellows? Are there enough cases to go around? Will there be an “open fellowship” at some point in the future?

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