North Central Section of the AUA, Inc. North Central Section of the AUA, Inc.


Resident Bowl Award

About the Award

Winning team receives $250 per person, a plaque and partially sponsored trip to compete at the AUA


Eggplant Deformity

1st Place Team Jenny Guo – Northwestern University
Ramzy Burns – Indiana University
Sara Perkins – Henry Ford Hospital
Clark Judge – University of Chicago


No award presented


No award presented



1st Place Team Brady Miller, MD – University of Wisconsin Madison
Isamu Tachibana, MD – Indiana University
Jeremy West, MD – University of Iowa
Darren Byrk, MD – Cleveland Clinic


1st Place Team Benjamin Marsh — UMN
Andrew Nguyen — Cleveland Clinic
Wesley Baas — SIU
Craig Labbate — UCHI
Kristin Ebert — Ohio State


1st Place Team Derek Lomas, MD, PharmD — Mayo Clinic
Min Jun, DO — Detroit Medical Center
Kevin Ginsburg, MD — Wayne State University
Abhinav Khanna, MD — Cleveland Clinic Foundation


1st Place Team Katherine Cotter, MD — University of Minnesota
Joseph Ford, MD — Detroit Medical Center
Daniel Murtagh, MD — University of Toledo
Joseph Rodriguez, MD — University of Chicago


1st Place Team Luke Frederick — SIU
Ian McLaren — University of Michigan
Hanhan Li — Henry Ford Hospital
Luke Edwards — Beaumont Hospital


1st Place Team Adam C. Calaway, MD
Adam S. Howe, MD
Scott C. Johnson, MD
Jessica R. Meyers, MD
Joseph J. Pariser, MD


1st Place Team Abhishek Patel, MD
Dhruti M Patel, MD
Casey Dauw, MD
Gregory McLennan, MD
Andrew Strine, MD


1st Place Team Devon Snow-Lisy
Matthew Johnson
Casey Dauw
Matthew Fulton


1st Place Team Robert Kohut – Case Western Reserve University
M. Adam Childs – Mayo
Aria Razmaria – University of Chicago
Ken Haberman – University of Minnesota
Kiranpreet Khurana – Cleveland Clinic


2nd Place Team Tom Frye – SIU
Ray Tan – Michigan
Don Bui – Beaumont
Ariella Friedman – Henry Ford Health System
George Schade – University of Michigan