North Central Section of the AUA, Inc. North Central Section of the AUA, Inc.


Support on the Spot (SOS) Program

The Support On the Spot (SOS) Program is designed to provide a “coach on the spot” for any urologist in training or practice who would like urgent advice from a peer or more senior urologist. Members soliciting SOS may seek out a mentor, sponsor, or coach.

  • Mentors offer advice on a dilemma.
  • Sponsors promote the member’s goals.
  • Coaches offer specific instructions on how to navigate a situation.

The guidance could be related to a specific work dilemma, conflict or project; promotion or advancement; or different career opportunities. For example, residents may use this platform to find someone outside their own institution who can help with fellowship or career decisions.

Those requesting advice may expect communication back from the mentor, sponsor, or coach within 72 hours.

SOS is designed to provide PRN support, but it may turn into a longer mentorship relationship. Anyone looking for a long-term mentor-mentee relationship may apply for such a position through the NCS Mentor/Coach Program

The guidance will be confidential. Although a coach may help with advice about building resiliency, dealing with adversity, or conflict resolution, this program is not intended to be mental health counseling or support. Anyone needing mental health support should contact their local provider, Employee Assistance Program (EAP) or see this national website for help.


Any NCS Member in good standing may apply to be a Sponsor/Coach. Residents/Fellows and NCS Members are eligible to submit a request for a Sponsor/Coach.