North Central Section of the AUA, Inc. North Central Section of the AUA, Inc.


Young Urologist Committee of the North Central Section

The mission of the NCS Young Urologists Committee is to address issues specific to young urologists and provide them with the resources they need to make a successful transition from residency to practice. A "young urologist" is defined as one who is no more than ten (10) years out of residency. An additional three years is permitted (up to 13 years) to allow for fellowships that are continuous after residency graduation. In addition, we seek to increase camaraderie and facilitate collegial relationships and collaboration across state lines and practice types amongst young urologists.

The North Central Section consists of a Chair and Vice Chair, and two members, preferably one from private practice and one from academic practice, from the following geographic units: Illinois; Indiana; Iowa; Michigan; Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota; Ohio; and Wisconsin with two year staggered terms to ensure no more than one member rotates off a geographic unit annually.

Appointments to the geographic units are to be made by the President in consultation with the outgoing Young Urologists Committee member and/or the NCS Board of Directors representative of the outgoing geographic unit. The Committee itself appoints its own Chair and Vice Chair. The Young Urologists Committee primary responsibility is to advise the Board of Directors on issues of particular concern to young urologists and addresses membership issues for young urologists.

The Young Urologist Committee Chair and Vice Chair shall serve ex-officio, without vote, on the NCS Board of Directors for the duration of their terms. The Chair presents at Section Board of Directors’ meetings and is responsible for planning the young urologist segment on the annual meeting program when applicable. The Vice Chair of the Young Urologists Committee also serves as the NCS representative on the AUA Young Urologist Committee. The Young Urologists Committee of the NCS is extremely appreciative and lucky to have stalwart support from its board and leadership. In further testament of NCS leadership support of the YUC, the NCS pledged funding for a young urologist member to attend this year’s Urologic Joint Advocacy Conference on Capitol Hill.

Currently, Adam O. Kadlec, MD is Chair of the YUC, and Nicholas Tadros, MD, MCR, MBA is Vice Chair. A complete list of members serving on the NCS Young Urologists Committee can be found here.

Previous YUC events at the NCS meetings have been extremely popular and well attended, covering topics such as financial planning, contracting, and the pros and cons of academics vs. private practice, and urologic volunteerism. The YU mixer continues to be well attended with the number of attendees growing each year.

For outstanding resources on transitioning from residency to practice, maintenance of certification, practice development, research, health policy and government advocacy visit the AUA’s national Young Urologists Website.

If you are interested in joining the NCS YUC Committee or have any general questions please contact either Adam Kadlec @ or Nicholas Tadros @