North Central Section of the AUA, Inc. North Central Section of the AUA, Inc.


Mentorship/Coach Program

Thank you for your interest in the North Central Section Mentorship/Coach program. This program was jointly developed by the Young Urology and Women in Urology committees. The goal of the program is to help young urologists (Mentees) achieve their professional goals through a structured relationship with an experienced urologist (Mentor) with shared interest and complementary experience.

Any young urologist who is in good standing with the Section is welcome to apply as a Mentee. Section members who have at least ten years of post-residency experience are eligible to become a Mentor.

Upon completion of the program, both urologists will receive a certificate of completion.

Ideas for Goals
  • Develop a niche (clinical or research)
  • Build a telehealth practice
  • Obtain a leadership position
  • Enhance involvement with organized medicine
  • Develop a new surgical skill
  • Assist with job transition
  • Explore or obtain a non-clinical / non-traditional role
  • Establish a social media presence
  • Write a grant
  • Obtain an academic promotion

The Mentor/Mentee relationship should contain the following:

  1. An appropriate matching of interests
  2. A time commitment of no less than 6 months but no more than 24 months
  3. A shared and well-defined goal or endpoint for the relationship
  4. Scheduled communication at regular intervals, but no less than four times per year
  5. Face-to-face meeting at section and/or national meeting if both individuals are present
  6. In order to receive the certificate, the Mentee must submit a proposed schedule (including goals) at the outset and a brief summary at conclusion (view sample schedule)